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Why Choose The Ultimate VIP?

We take the hassle out of planning the perfect night out on the town. From seeing the most popular DJs to the ultimate VIP experience, The Ultimate VIP makes getting a reservation a snap. We deal with all the legwork, freeing you to focus on having a great time in the SF Bay Area.

  • Each venue has been scouted by the top club 
    owners, hosts and customers in each city.

  • Make reservations at all the best clubs

  • Browse through several upcoming events in the SF Bay Area.

  • Exclusive access and VIP services at all the top venues.

  • Pay in advance, so there's no hassle when you arrive.

  • Contact a VIP host at any time by phone if you have questions.

    • Text 510.274.1848 for immediate response​

The Ultimate VIP!

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