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Our step and repeat backdrops are portable and ideal for background displays at indoor events such as conventions, trade show booths, and more. Choose from fabrics such as vinyl, canvas, and mesh.


What size should I order?

Our most popular size is 8′ x 10′. It is commonly used for trade shows, events, and more. You can attach your artwork when you order or e-mail us the design.


What type of fabric should I select?

Vinyl – Lightweight and affordable. Ideal for most events both indoor and outdoor.

Canvas – Portable with vibrant colors. Select canvas for the extra ‘wow’ factor.


What type of finishing do you offer?

No Finishing – Select this if you only want your banner trimmed.

Hem only – Hem is a sewing technique where a piece of the bottom is folded and stitched to prevent unraveling.

Hem and Grommet – Grommets are the circular holes which can be used to bound the banner with a rope or string.

Pole Pockets – Choose this option if you want an open sleeve in the banner to slide a pole through from one end to another.


What type of stand do you carry?

We carry both telescopic stands and heavy duty stands. Our small to medium-sized stands are telescopic while the bigger stands are non-telescopic heavy duty. Both stands are adjustable in width and height. Setup takes 5 minutes or less.


Red Carpet

Polyester fiber,Thin,Lightweight and Durable.It can fold, easy to carry.


*Available with a telescopic/heavy-duty stand and premium red carpet.

Step & Repeat Banner + Stand + Red Carpet

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