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KK Photography is an innovative mobile photography company based in the Bay Area. Our services were created with you in mind, so waiting hours, tracking down or losing a photo is a thing of the past. Everyone is a VIP when you take a photo with us. We provide you with high quality images instantly, that can be shared across any social media platform.


Our team consist of professional photographers that are experienced with taking photos in any environment. We've done the hard work behind the scenes to provide a seamless experience for you.

We heard your request, now let us do the rest.

What We Do

Corporate Events 



Why We Do


Attendees send photos instantly via text, email or Airdrop and can share with others on all social media platforms

Ultimate VIP

No more missing out on the fun and standing in line at the photo booth. We bring the photo booth to you to create a memorable experience.

WOW Factor

The wait is over…Searching for that amazing photo you took is a thing of the past. Take a pic, send it to yourself and share it with friends to increase your likes and follows. Oh we print too!


Collect email addresses, customize signature in email with hashtags to increase engagement, follows and likes as attendees post photos on social media.


How We Do

Take photos of attendees


Show attendee photo on iPad

Ultimate VIP

Share photos on any social media platform

Social Media

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